Well, it's been a month since I updated this blog which is a little naughty, but the truth is we've gone all out to push No-Stick Shooter forwards, and the past few weeks have been crazy! Before I go on though, here's the fruits of our labour - a beautiful trailer to show No-Stick Shooter in all its true glory...

Before I go on, it's worth mentioning the amazing work Ed has been doing on audio and music. Unfortunately that's pretty hard to show on a web page, but definitely listen to that trailer as well as watch it - his mastery of the audio world goes a long way to making NSS feel as good as it does!

In terms of gameplay, Dan and I have been hard at work creating the depth that the game needs. From the start we knew that our simple control system could be a blessing and a curse. It's highly accessible and allows for incredible precision, so the key challenge this month was to prove we could exploit it to create a game with strategy and longevity.

So far we've got a selection of around 20 types of enemy, which is growing every week. My favorite 2 from this month are the awesome big gun and the swarm carrier...

You can also see in those screen shots the new turret Dan designed, alongside a functioning new HUD (more on that below!).

But perhaps our biggest enemy achievment this month was our first boss, shown here in multiple stages of development, from first sketches on to a fully functioning mega enemy!


On top of that lot, we've got some lovely new effects, and a funky procedural background that those effects tie into. This is really key to making the whole game feel connected, rather than just some flat enemies on a flat background.


And to be honest, there's so much more that I don't have time to write about it all. Over 20 levels, goals, civilians to save, shield repelling and abilities! Hopefully that gives some idea of the work we've been doing on the design and code front though!

Next, here's some of the great work Jim has been doing with the UI. The short version of this is that the game now looks like an incredibly talented artist designed it, rather than an artistically challenged programmer! First up, the new HUD which is already in game and working:


And some new screens that we're in the process of building now:


And of course no game would be complete without lots of new icons!

Well that's lot for this update. There's so much more to tell, but we've got a game to make!

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