The team currently consists of just the 1 human on a permanent basis, and that'd be me - Chris. However I've had lots of help getting things going from various friends (special call out to Kitty Powers over at Magic Notion for my lovely logo). As No-Stick Shooter grows we may well expand, but for now I have a nice plant and my girlfriend's Cat Millie to keep me company during development!

This is me, Chris. I've been a proffesional game developer for nearly 14 years now, working mainly on console games for the various PlayStation and XBox consoles over the years. I spent my early days at Eutechnyx on products like Big Mutha Truckers, then moved to Criterion Games to work on the Burnout titles. Since 2009, I've been lucky enough to work at the almighty Media Molecule on LBP and Tearaway, which taught me huge amounts, and eventually led to me deciding it was time to have a go at this games company thing myself. Hence, in January 2015 I started Happy Robot Games!

When it comes to games, I just love making them. I don't really have a favourite - I just like making things fun, and making them polished. I believe strongly that quality and polish are key to making awesome games. And awesome games make people happy, and I like doing that!

This is my not-too-healthy office plant. Despite contributing very little to the development process, it is the only other living thing in my office, and is very committed to it's job, so I thought it deserved a mention.

My plant's likes are being watered, and dislikes are not being watered. I am slowly learning this and hoping it'll survive at least until the No-Stick Shooter launch next year.

Here is Millie, my girlfriend's cat. Unlike my plant, she rarely shows any commitment to quality games development, though little known to Wendy she has been known to sit on my desk occasionally during work hours.

Her likes are primarily sleeping, and her dislike typically is me.

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