No-Stick Shooter

No-stick shooter is our first game, and is based around the idea of replicating the crazy and fast fun of our favorite classic Two-Stick shooters like Geometry Wars and Super Stardust, with a reinvention of the control systems to work with a mouse or touch screen instead of sticks,

Out now!

The game puts you in charge of a turret with an array of powerful weapons and abilities. Your goal is to defend that turret from waves of highly varied enemies, across a series of themed solar systems.

Everything has been designed from the ground up with 1 idea in mind: Create that amazing sensation of controlled chaos, whilst utilizing a simple, natural and incredibly precise control system, and that's really where the magic is. Far from being a limitation, these constraints open the doors to a wealth of strategy, hard to unlock in the traditional shooter.

Key features

  • Huge range of enemies to fight, each with their own behaviors requiring different tactics
  • 3 insane weapons types - lightning, blasters and the dreaded beam!
  • 3 solar systems, each consisting of 9 normal levels plus 1 unique boss level
  • Every level has 3 goals to complete, rewarding the player with stars to aid in progressing to the next solar system and providing an extra layer of strategy
  • A simple control system that gives incredible precision, allowing for complex strategies on all kinds of platforms
  • Incredible visual and audio effects, creating a game that both looks and feels beautiful
  • Targeting tablets, mobile devices and PC/Mac. Though hoping to hit many more!

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